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4275 County Road 92
St. Bonifacius, MN 55375
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Welcome to Cathy Mackenthun's Meats & Deli

While traveling across Europe, you will find that almost every small town has its own meat market. Local flavors emerge and sausages are created and sold. Cathy Mackenthun’s Meats and Deli of St. Bonifacius, MN has continued this lovely tradition for over four generations. We have provided our customers with handmade smoked meats, sausages, jerky, apple wood smoked bacon and ham, brats, meat pies, braunschweiger and many other outstanding products for over 55 years. Cathy Mackenthun, current owner and operator, is passionate about remaining a local, sustainable force in the community. We take pride in selling quality products produced on-site along with many wonderful foods grown and created by nearby artisans. You are invited to become one of our “neighbors” and sample one of our famous products. Mackenthun’s would love to ship you a piece of jerky, a holiday ham, a pound of apple wood smoked bacon, a stick of summer sausage, a sample pack of brats. Come enter our market, explore our selection of handcrafted products…and discover why our customer’s comment, “It smells so good in here!”

You can also get our meats shipped right to your door! Call us today to place an order.

Award winning apple wood smoked bacon and hams.
summer sausage
Real wood smoked sausages for four generations.
All sausages still made "hands on".

Holiday Sale!

holiday ham
Reserve your in-house apple-wood smoked bone-in ham today!

On sale now through the holidays for only $3.99 lb.
holiday turkey
In-house apple-wood smoked turkeys also available for $4.99 lb.

Fully cooked, great hot or cold with your holiday get together!

Gift Boxes!

deluxe gift box
Deluxe Box:
Includes: Our Slim Johns, honey dill smoked salmon, summer sausage, beef jerky, Season-All, Bongard's cheese, Amana mustard, Ames honey and beeswax candle, and Capeachio's water crackers!
Price:  $60.00
breakfast gift box
Breakfest Box:
Includes: Pancake mix, real local maple syrup, local jam, our applewood smoked breakfast links, bacon and premium pepper bacon!
Price:  $35.00
snack gift box
Snack Box:
Includes: Bongard's Cheese Curds, sesame and roasted corn snack mix, our Slim Johns, summer sausage and beef jerky!
Price:  $30.00



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Cathy Mackenthun's
Meats & Deli

4275 County Road 92
St. Bonifacius, MN 55375
Phone: 952-446-1234
Fax: 952-446-1850